The new WAVE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTER simulation area was developed to let racing pilots train with the possibility of truly replicate, with maximum detail, every situation that they normally face, or will do, in real track and race activity.

In the simulator driving sessions we will help our Clients improve their driving skills and race strategy using different operating modes and technologies. Thanks to the accuracy of our physical models of cars and  tracks, we offer pilots and teams the possibility to prepare themselves at the top for the real races, simulating in the most accurate way and always customized to their specific needs.

Wave Italy provides a Driver Coach who, thanks to the latest generation Live-Time Telemetry and other cutting-edge tools, may suggest the best behaviors and strategies to tackle a circuit, or correct any errors and imperfections in driving technique. Once back on the real tracks, this wealth of experience and training will also help to optimize the many activities to be carried out there.

A quite useful option offered by WAVE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTER is the presence of two simulators connected to each other, which will allow the pilot to train in “competition mode”, thus training also the strong psycho-physical stress, typical in car racing.
This kind of training is essential to improve reaction-time and concentration even in the most complicated moments in a race, such as the start, study-phases of an opponent, overtaking strategies, defense of the position and especially the final racing moments..

Our commitment, strong passion and professional experience make us sure we can guarantee a top level service for the training of professionals and many new talents that we hope will soon become the champions of tomorrow.

WAVE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTER, your ideal partner to always be at the TOP


A training session on the Montecarlo F1 circuit.
While the pilot is driving, the Coach watches many real-time telemetry parameters and he can communicate good advice to the pilot, directly via radio.


DRIVER COACH His experience for you

Marco Zipoli – Pilots and Team trained on simulator:

  • Ferrari Driver Academy: Enzo Fittipaldi, Gianluca Petecof, Marcus Armstrong, Guanyu Zhou, Giuliano Alesi, Antonio Fuoco, Charles Leclerc
  • Trident F2 e Gp3 Driver
  • World Series Champion 2017: Pietro Fittipaldi
  • Jenzer F4 e Gp3 Driver
  • RP World Series by Renault e F3 Euro Open
  • Draco Racing World Series by Renault
  • World Champion Kart Endurance by CRG
  • Vice World Champion Kart Endurance by SODI KART
  • Pilot for simulators development and Driver Coach, Wave Italy
  • 4th classified in Kart Endurance World Championship by SODI KART:2017
  • 3rd classified in Kart Endurance World Championship by SODI KART:2016
  • Driver coach on tracks and professional simulators development
  • F1 Test at Scuderia Ferrari (Rookie Days): 2009
  • Formula 3 Italia Vice Champion: 2009
  • 5th classified Formula 3 Italia: 2008
  • Formula Azzurra Vice champion: 2007
  • Winner of Federal CSAI training: 2007
  • Winner at Bologna Motor Show (Formula Azzurra): 2006
  • 4th classified Kart World Cup: 2006
  • 5th classified European Kart Championship: 2006
  • Winner Trofeo delle Industrie Kart: 2004
  • 2nd at Trofeo Andrea Margutti Kart: 2004



Via Fleming, 4
San Martino Buon Albergo
37036 (VR) Italy


Wave Italy Verona +39 045 879.84.14
Wave Italy Maranello +39 0536 181.73.23
Mail: coach@waveitaly.com

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